New CD

The Recording Process

It’s been four years of recording…. All recordings were not started until around 11 PM. All appliances had to be off including heat or air conditioning due to noise pollution. MANY tracks were destroyed by an airplane or vehicle in the vicinity a dog barking or our cats moving. My wife felt like she was a prisoner locked up in our bedroom with no TV or music. A hole in our living room wall leading to my music room had to be cut for the large number of cables needed for recording. Before I could record, I needed approximately two to three hours of setup and test recordings to make sure the levels were correct along with mic positions. My guitars needed several repairs throughout the years for subtle noises that were coming through the recordings. If I was successful with a song I usually recorded it three more times so I could determine the best track. I am very picky (no pun intended) but I did fret a lot during those days…

The Mix Down Process

When a song was finally determined that it was a candidate for the CD, the next step was to balance the individual tracks. Build digital filters to cut individual notes that were too pronounced. Then I would EQ the tracks maybe add compression and a touch of reverb. Do fade ins and outs. Mix down the track to an MP3 and listen to it in my studio, car and iPhone to make sure each platform sounded correct. There were always problems and much iteration.

The End Result

I can tell you I am relieved that it is finished. But one thing I do know from my last CD; people will enjoy these recordings every year -- long after I’m gone. My hope is the spirit of Christmas will go on working through this music. Not because of me but because of who this music honors. I hope that every time you play this CD it will remind you that Jesus is the ONLY reason for the season and cause you to remember Him. He came into this world, endured it all the way to death on the cross that we might have everlasting life for those of us that believe in Him.  What a wonderful Christmas gift that is!!!!

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